Wully Schmidt was once a soldier of the Empire of Sonnstahl, part of the Seventh Auldheim Spears. He claims to have been captured by the vermin and made into a slave. He managed to escape the when a vermin lead expedition to Naptesh he was part of was ambushed by shabti in an old tomb. [1]

Schmidt as a narrator Edit

Schmidt is used as a narrator once in the Undying Dynasties armybook. An extract of a text by him is included in Kingdoms of the Dead: My Travels in Naptesh by Beatrix von Ueblingen to exemplify theories put forward by Johannes Grunstein. Theories regarding the use of animated statues in ancient Naptesh. The extract describes an encounter Schmidt himself had with such statues.

Sources Edit

  1. Account of Wully Schmidt, once a captive of the Vermin Swarm (Undying Dynasties armybook, p29)