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Warrior is a step on the Path of the Favoured. In the Warriors of the Dark Gods faction, there are three units on this step: Warriors, Warrior Knights and the Warrior Chariot.

All Warriors have their soul pledged to one of the Dark Gods. In exchange they are given power. [1]

Paths of Ascension Edit

Main Article: Paths of Ascension

Warriors are on the first step of the Path of the Favoured [2]. Likely, a person reaches this status after having taken the pact and acquired an Hell-Forged Armour. To advance further, the person must please its patron Dark God, potentially earning the status of Chosen. [1]

If a Warrior fails to please its Dark God, he or she might be cast down to the Path of the Exiled, becoming a Fallen. Then that person must instead please Father Chaos to advance on the Paths of Ascension. [1]

Appearance Edit

Warriors wear Hell-Forged Armour. This has been described as layers of dark plate, sometimes in a structure reminiscent of an insect's carapace. They often also carry symbols of their Dark God [3][4].[5]

Favours of the Dark Gods Edit

Though each Warrior is pledged to a Dark God, the do not yet carry the full favour of their Dark God. However, if lead by a Favoured Champion, a group of Warriors dedicated to the same Dark God can share in that leaders favour.

Warrior Knights Edit

Warrior Knights are a unit part of the Warriors of the Dark Gods faction. They are Warriors mounted on Dark Steeds.

They carry Hell-Forged Armour that is said to be neigh impenetrable. [6]

Power Edit

Warriors Knights are said to be powerful fighters. One account claims that a troop of but five knights with ease defeated at least fives times as many dread elves, while suffering only a single casualty in return. [6]

Warrior Chariot Edit

The Warrior Chariot is a unit part of the Warriors of the Dark Gods faction. It is a chariot crewed by two Warriors and pulled by two Dark Steeds.

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