Volskaya is a nation in Vetia [1]. Volskaya's capitol is Volskagrad. [2]

It is ruled by Tzar Oleg. [2]

History Edit

In the early stages of the Ninth Age, the forefathers of the Volskali stood against Sunna. The preachers of the Goddess still use this a reason for claiming that the Volskali is cursed and in need of salvation. [2]

Politics Edit

Volskaya is ruled by Tzar Oleg and the Amber Court of Volskagrad. [2]

They have an alliance with the Kingdom of Equitaine [2]. This alliance is reinforced by the marriage of Mathilde of Equitaine and Wladylsaw of Zmayevatz and by the former marriage of Lyuba of Volskaya and Charles of Equitaine [3].

Geography Edit

Volskaya lies wedged between the Makhar Steppe, the Sea of Gods, the Empire of Sonnstahl and the White Mountains. [2] [4]

It is known for its two cities: [4]

Volskaya also had multiple smaller colonies across the Makhar Steppe, as part of their defence against what comes from the Wasteland and the Bog of Beasts. [2]

The river Volsk flows through Volskaya, and presumably forms part of it border. [4]

Religion Edit

The greatest god of the Volskalli is Gromovnik, is the Lord of Storms. Another of their gods is Morana, Mistress of Death. [5]

Sources Edit

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