The Volsk is a Vetian river. It has its source in the White Mountains and mainly flows northward and the eastwarrds until it meets the outlet of the Bog of Beasts. Here, the Volsk turns southeast and passes near Volskagrad until it finally drains into the Sea of Gods.[1] Somewhere alongs its path, the Volsk pased through what is called the Falls of Kivack. [2]

With the sonnstahler city of Narrenwald to the west and the volskali cities of Zmayevatz and Volskagrad to the east, the initial stretch of the Volsk presumably forms the border between the two nations. After merging with the water of the Bog of Beasts, the Volsk appears to separate Volskaya from the western reaches of The Wasteland. [1]

In the final stages of the Eighth Age, Sunna and her allies fought a battle at the river Volsk against hordes of Åsklanders, Makhar raiders and Ogres. Sorcerers of the Dark Gods used magic to freeze the river in order for the hordes to advance over it. In the critical moment, the clouds parted and the sun started melting the ice, eventually the ice bridge crumbled and those on it were washed away. Sources claim it was Sunna herself who made the clouds part. [2]

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