Tsuandan is a human nation within the 9th Age, located in the far east of Augea. [1] [2]

Tsuandan is ruled by Gonglu, the Dragon Emperor, from it capital Longjing [2] [3]

History Edit

Some records indicate that Tsuandan could be as old as Naptesh [3].

The imagery of the World Hymn indicates that it could have been formed during the Second Age. [4]

During the fall of Naptesh, presumably sometime in the Third Age judging by the imagery of the World Hymn, some of the Naptaan people fled to Tsuandan. Among them was Haskhunet, a Tomb Architect believed to have constructed the Terracotta Army. Tsuandan was at the time ruled by the Xun Dynasty. [5]

Around 405 A.S., Tsuandan was ruled by Emperor Haizu.[6]

Many scholars place the coming of the current Emperor, Genglu, during the last century. [3]

Geography Edit

Longjing Edit

Tsuandan is known for its large city Longjing, also known as the "Dragon City". [7]

Great Wall of Tsuandan Edit

The Great Wall of Tsuandan is a long wall stretching along the northern border of the nation. [1] [2]

Judging by the imagery of the World Hymn, the wall might have been built during the Sixth Age. 

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