"Whoever said ‘know thy enemy’ forgot to add ‘from a distance’."

— Alvaro Najar, former captive of the vermin swarms

The Vermin Swarm is a faction within the 9th Age, consisting mainly of members of the vermin species.

Magic Use Edit

The following is a quote used to describe the magic use of the Vermin Swarm: [1]

"The rise of the Vermin was the result of a magic ritual, they are in many ways the children of magic. The survival and thriving of the swarm is the primary focus of all the Vermin’s activities – always pitted against their drive for individual achievement. The Magisters and Prophets who wield this power among the Vermin are driven by a conviction to find the right future for the Swarm, while the Vermin Daemons who rise for a time to rule use magic to guarantee their position and power."

History Edit

The vermin species appeared during the Sixth Age as the result of a magic ritual [2] [3]. At the time, Avras was in the midst of a civil war [4]. Presumably, it was the high priest Quintus Augustu that brought forth the vermin, by treating with the vermin gods in an attempt to end this war [5].

FRB Vermin

A vermin

After being created, the Vermin Swarm swiftly conquered the Avrasi Empire [2] [4] [6]. Most of Vetia was enveloped in this vermin empire, with the exception of the Kingdom of Equitaine [7], and possibly what has later been knows as the Empire of Monopatea [8].

In the Eighth Age, the Rat King was slain by Sunna and the empire of the Vermin Swarm, Vetia was retaken by mankind [4] [6] [9]. Most of the vermin were forced to retreat into the earth following this. [10]

Religion Edit

Among the Vermin Swarm, beings knows as the the Vermin Gods, or Rat Gods, are worshipped [5]. These gods have been described as twisted versions of the gods worshipped in ancient Avras. [10]

Some parts of the Vermin Swarm worship the Plaguebringer, who offers salvation through disease. [11]

Slaves Edit

The Vermin Swarm uses slaves in their military [12]. There are records of humans being taken captive by the vermin swarm, and being used as slaves. [13] [14]

Symbols Edit

The Vermin Swarm are known to have used an eagle as their symbol [10].

Another symbol used by the Vermin Swarm is the laurel. [12]

The Vermin Swarm have also been know to carry standards carrying the inscription of "SRQA". [2]

Trivia Edit

  • The letters used in the vermin standards (SRQA) are most likely a version of the Roman phrase Senatus Populusque Romanus, which was initialised as SPQR. The final letter, "A", presumably stands for Avras or something thereof derived.
  • Any old Avrasi standard can be changed into one of the vermin by adding a single line to the "P", turning it into an "R".

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