The Steel road

A section of Gercator's World map depicting The Steel Road snaking through the Sky Mountains

The Steel Road is a railway constructed by the Infernal Dwarves. It is trafficked by large engines of black steel [1]. Travels on it are faster than by horse and coach, and much of it is done underground [2].

Several hundred miles long [2], it stretches through Augea, from the Barren Mountains to Tsuandan [3]. The Tsuandanese call it the Sunrise Express [4].

For anyone but the Infernal Dwarves themselves, usage of the Steel Road is costly. They demand high tolls for anybody else to use it. Many gem merchants swear it is worth it though for the safety it provides. [2]

Parallel to the Steel Road runs the other main trade route between Vetia and Augea, the Silk Road. The Silk Road is controlled by the Ogres [3][2].

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