The Second Age is one of the nine ages of the world. It is known as the Golden Age [1]. [2]

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These are notable events taking place in the Second Age, listed (approximately) chronologically:

The World Hymn Edit

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The World Hymn is a dwarven carving of a poem that details all the nine ages of the world. It was later copied to an Equitan tapestry and supplemented with imagery. A transcript of the poem and the image for the second age are both shown below. [2]
BRB 2nd Age
2.1 Edit

A time of gold a time of growth
The world was our inheritance
So rich the land so ripe it lay
Our people free, we grew at last
In riches grand and oathbound troth

2.2 Edit

And long lost kin we were to find
That golden time as West met East
Though trouble brewed and ne’er we saw
That fair-eyed orc​ that Akrübad
Who soon to come would take and bind

2.3 Edit

We folk of stone our oaths as firm
And in the Mountains of the Moon
We bound our fates and paid our debts
To kin and kith our honor bound
And wealth to grow to come full term

2.4 Edit

And all this while the elves did sail
To take the seas and make their seat
On island shore so far from home
Fair Celeda Ablan they wrought
To ply the world on ev’ry gale

2.5 Edit

And men did then forge crowns and kings
O’er land as far as grass does grow
Yet no good lasts all things take wing

Sources Edit

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