Sagarika, also known as Sagarikadesha and as the Sagarika Kingdoms, is subcontinent in Augea populated mostly by humans. [1] [2] The land is home to a patchwork of kingdoms and empires, the largest of which is the Zuratha Empire. [2]

History Edit

Long ago, Sagarika was dominated by the Ogre Khans [2]. One such Khagnate was that of Bayalag, which was founded with the purpose of secure continued use of his trade routes. [3]

The humans of the region eventually rebelled against them, led by the Zuratha Empire who were sponsored by the elven nation of Arandai. The Arandai then became the leading economic and military power in the region. [2]

The Arandai Empire colonized large parts of Sagarika [4] , though ruled it though a human Raj [5]. Lately though the Sagarikadeshan have gained more and more independence and the remaining Arandai fortresses find themselves under pressure from the humans [2].

Religion Edit

Sagarika is home to many regions and cults. [2]

The largest religion practised in Sagarika is Pazu. Pazu is a polytheistic religion featuring animal headed gods and goddesses, and their earthly representatives the asuras, devas and nagas. The religion is known for violent warrior cults who dedicate their mounts and weapons, such as the Gada and the Trishula, to their gods, in hopes of receiving animalistic transformations as boons. [2]

Zantism is an expanding religion among the young Sagarikans. Many powerful magicians are said to be acolytes. [2]

Geography Edit

Sagarika lies in southern Augea, south of the Sky Mountains. [6]

The Steel Road and the Silk Road passes through the northern parts of Sagarika. [1]

The cities of Pavitrastha [6] and Varnavat [7] lies in Sagarika.

Sagarika is home to many smaller kingdom and empires, among them are:

Economy Edit

Sagarika is well known as a spice trading nation. [5]

The Sagarikadesha also export Camillia to the Arandai. [4]

Vetian nations are know to trade with Sagarika [2], but they have been know to extend their trade to as far as the kingdom of Vanhu [8]. Much of their trade passes through the Silk Road, which demands a tithe to the ogres [3].

Culture Edit

Devas Edit

Devas are a form of supernal found in Sagarika [9]. They are seen as earthly representatives of the Pazu gods [2].

Vermin Edit

In some parts of Sagarika, vermin are said to live side by side with humans. [10]

Military Edit

The armies of Sagarika are known for featuring warrior cultists, elephants and flying contraptions called vimanas. [2]

Sources Edit

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