The Ogres are a species within the 9th Age.

Many ogres are part of the Ogre Khans faction.

History Edit

Based on the imagery of the World Hymn, ogres where one of the different kinds of species that were enslaved by the Saurian Ancients in the First Age. [1]

The ogres once ruled a great empire in Augea, lead by Qenghet Khan, also known as the Khan of Khans. [2] [3]

The empire was split apart into five kingdoms, two of which were near obliterated when the Inferno was created. The survivors of those two kingdoms united under the hero Tsanas, who lead the ogres to a new home in the Sky Mountains. The descendants of the other three kingdoms continued to live the nomadic life of the steppes. [4]

 Ogres took part in the battle of Volsk in the Eighth Age, fighting against Sunna and her armies. [5]

Culture Edit

FRB Ogre Khans

The image accompanying the informative text about Ogre Khans in the Main Rulebook.

Many ogres live mainly a nomadic life [2].

Ogres are known for their large appetite [2].

Religion Edit

Ogres are said to worship their gods by holding grand feasts. [6]

One of the gods of the ogres is Umi. [7]

Language Edit

One language of the ogres is Gyenggetat. [8]

Economy Edit

Large parts of the Silk Road runs through ogre domains in Augea [9] [10]. This road allows for trade between Vetian nations and Tsuandan [9], though not without a tithe claimed by the ogres [11].

The ogres also hold outposts around the Sea of Gods, to facilitate trading caravans for the Silk Road. [9]

Mercenaries Edit

Ogres are know to take employment as mercenaries [2] [9] [11], some of which can be found in Arcalea [12]. [13]

A known mercenary company of ogres are the Sons of Glauca. [13]

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