"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed ogres can change the world – even though they never have."

— Pascaline Caillat [1]

The Ogre Khans are a faction within the 9th Age. The majority of the ogre species are presumably part of the Ogre Khans faction.

Magic Use Edit

The following is a quote used to describe the magic use of the Ogre Khans [2]:

"In the heights of the Sky Mountains and across the plains of Augea, Ogres exert a magical influence which is anything but subtle. The Khans care not for the trickery of witches, the foretelling of seers, nor the balance of cosmologists. Theirs is a magic of fire, might and divine intervention. They bellow at the sky, call down the fury of their deities, turning ogre skin to stone and setting whole peaks alight. Even magic bends before the brute strength of the ogre and their shamans."

History Edit

Based on the imagery of the World Hymn, ogres where one of the different kinds of species that were enslaved by the Saurian Ancients in the First Age. [3]

The ogres once ruled a great empire in Augea [4]. It might have been the largest empire in the history of the world, spanning most of Augea and possibly even large parts of Vetia. The empire was ruled by Qenghet Khan, also known as the Khan of Khans [5]. [4]

Some records indicate that the empire eventually was split apart into five kingdoms. These kingdoms suffered heavily during the Ages of Ruin, and especially hard was it for the two western kingdoms, called the Myahet [6]. After the creation of the Inferno, at the conclusion of the Seventh Age, the land was plagued by daemons [6]. The creation of the Wasteland also devastated the steppe lands of central Augea that the ogres called home. [4]
FRB Ogres vs Daemons

Ogres combating Daemons.

According to myth, the survivors of the Myahet united under the hero Tsanas. In the Sky Mountains, Tsanas is said to have defeated the daemon infestation residing there since the Inferno. [4] [6]

Those ogres have since been fortifying those mountains, in legacy of Tsanas. The descendants of the other three kingdoms continued to live the nomadic life of the steppes. [7]

At the battle of Volsk, in the Eighth Age, many ogres joined forces with the enemies of Sunna. [8]

Geography Edit

The Ogre Khans control large parts of Augea and are especially common in the Sky Mountains [2] [4]. They can however be found elsewhere in the world, often as mercenaries. [9]

The city of Nyetsan is presumably part of the domain of the Ogre Khans. [7] [10]

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