Naptesh is a land in Taphria [1] [2].

Long ago it was know as the Naptaan Empire, which thrived around the once fertile lands of the river Napaat [3] [4]. Today it is little more than a barren desert. [5]

The Naptaan people were cursed long ago and are unable to rest in their graves [5] [6] [7].

Arguably, the people of ancient Naptesh are now what makes up the majority of the Undying Dynasties faction.

Geography Edit

Naptesh lies in north-eastern Taphria, just north of the Mountains of the Moon. The river Napaat flows through the land. [2]

There are several cities in Naptesh, or at least remains of old cities, among them are: [2]

History Edit

The tapestry imagery of the World Hymn suggests that the nation of Naptesh was founded in the Second Age [8] . It eventually grew into a large empire called the Naptaan Empire [9].
BRB World Hymn - Founding Naptesh

From the Second Age tapestry of the World Hymn.

Early History Edit

As the Naptaan Empire grew it assimilated and subjugated many of the neighbouring tribes and people [7]. Among these were the Edu, a nomadic people known for their skill a horse riding and previous rivals to the empire [10].

Peak Edit

At the height of its power, the empire had reaches far around the Middle Sea [7]. Its western border is believed to have been marked with two great obelisks know as the Teeth of the Asp, found a few days travel east of today’s Port Reynaud [11].

The Great Dying Edit

Main article: The Great Dying

BRB World Hym - The Great Dying

From the Third Age tapestry of the World Hymn.

The Great dying was an event that presumably took place in the Third Age [12]. Phatep, king of Tehmet, was betray and killed by Setesh. This plunged the nation into civil war between Setesh and the king's wife Teput. The result of which is said to be that the gates of the underworld were closed off to the naptaan people. [6]

The Fall Edit

Eventually the whole empire fell [3] [7], though it probably took several centuries [10]. The civil war took a heavy toll, some theories that poisoning as water supplies played an important part [3]. Plagues are knows to have stricken the land at the time as well [10]. Many fled the land during the time [7].

Government Edit

The empire of old was ruled by the Pharaoh of Tehmet [6] [9]. This seat switched hands between many of the Naptaan dynasties over the centuries of its history [9]. Last of the Pharaohs of Tehmet was Phatep, or possibly his wife Teput, depending on your point of view [6]. The other cities of the empire had their own royal families though, with their own Pharaoh, who answered to Tehmet [9].

The Pharaohs of the empire were glorified as demigods and kept a court of Nomarchs, lesser nobles, with various degrees of proximity to the royal bloodlines. [9]

During the fall of the the Naptaan Empire, the last of the living pharaohs one by one died off [13].

The above is what is known about the government of the ancient Naptesh. Naptesh of today is a vastly different place yet the same ruling class presumably remains due to the curse of the land. It seems not unlikely that their tradition of government is kept intact in some form.

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