Gilles de Raux was once the king of Equitaine. He is rumoured to have had unnaturally long lifespan, suggesting that he perhaps was a vampire. [1]

Judging by the tapestry imagery of the World Hymn's Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Age (see reasoning below). Gilles de Raux ruled the land of Equitaine as early as the Seventh Age. 

Gilles de Raux is said to have protected Equtaine from the vermin during the Rat King's rule over Avras [1]. The tapestry of the World Hymn in the Seventh Age supports this, and the poem supplies the following line that seems to fit. [2]

"A dark King rules the last free men"
It is said that Uther of Gasconne defied his kings orders by assisting Sunna in the war against the vermin [3]. Presumably this king was Gilles, for it is known that the when the reign of Gilles the Raux was ended, Uther took the throne [1]. This shifting of the throne is likely to have taken place in the Ninth Age [4] [5].

The reasoning for the timetable of the rule of Gilles the Raux goes like this. In the World Hymn's tapestry of the Eighth Age, a character is shown together with Sunna. Uther is known to have assisted Sunna at this time. The same character is  also shown in the Ninth Age, having slain a knight in dark armour. Given that it is known that Uther of Gasconne replaced Gilles the Raux in the Ninth Age, it is reasonable to assume the knight in the dark armour is Gilles. The same knight is also shown in the Seventh Age, combating vermin, which coincides with the claim that Gilles protected Equitaine from the vermin. 

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