The Empire of Sonnstahl is a faction within the 9th Age.

Sonnstahl, is also a human nation in central Vetia [1] [2] [3]. It is ruled by Matthias the Pious [4].

History Edit

The nation of Sonnstahl was built around the human tribes that followed Sunna in the transitional period between the Eighth and the Ninth Age - the Askar, the Breidar, the Gjothar, and a dozen smaller groups. [3] [5]

The Empire of Sonnstahl was founded by Leopold Truehearted on November 4th 201 A.S, upon the conclusion of the war against Dathen. On that day, Leopold is said to have given the following speech: [4]

"Brothers and Sisters of the Goddess

I salute you in victory!

Today the work of Sunna is renewed. The enemies of humanity are vanquished . the first of many to fall before her bright flame. Long have heroes among us searched for the Sonnstahl that was lost to us, but today I tell you truly: it is no longer a sword! We are the Sonnstahl - humanity united, the great arm of the Goddess herself! Today the people of Vetia have stood and declared their ascendancy and the intention to drive back the darkness and rule this world. Today out nation came together to forge the true Empire of Sonnstahl.
Today we become Sunna's righteous army!"

Language Edit

The language spoken in Sonnstahl is a blend of the language spoken by the tribes that formed the nation. Traces of the original languages can be seen in traditions and dialects. [3]

Religion Edit

FRB Empire of Sonnstahl

The image accompanying the informative text about the Empire of Sonnstahl in the Main Rulebook.

The arguably most worshipped in Sonnstahl is Sunna [4] [6] [7]. There are other gods part of the Sonnstahler pantheon though [6], such as Volund and Ullor. [8] The prelates of the empire spread the blessings of the gods. [8]

Politics Edit

The Empire of Sonnstahl is part of an alliance with Destria, which is strongly reinforced by the marriage of Emperor Matthias and Empress Sophia of Destria [3] [4]. If the two spouses share in some of each others responsibilities of governing their respective empires, Destria and Sonnstahl could be considered forming a personal union. This would most certainly become true if the two thrones were inherited by a prospective mutual heir of Sophia and Matthias.

Geography Edit

Regions Edit

The Empire of Sonnstahl consists of several smaller regions, among these are:

Cities Edit

There are several cities in the Empire of Sonnstahl, among them are: [1]

Colony Edit

The Empire of Sonnstahl has a colony, called Fredericksberg, set up in Virentia. [1] [2] [12] [13]

Other Edit

  • Börnichen, a small village once burned for harbouring Dark God followers.[14]

Women in Sonnstahl Edit

Unlike most civilizations, in the The Empire of Sonnstahl, women hold equal rights as men. They are known to rise to the highest positions in all parts of the society. [15]

Women are also common in Sonnstahl's military. They are fewer in number than the men, but more often manage to rise to high ranks. [15]

The laws of succession for the throne of emperor of Sonnstahl appears to be gender neutral. Josefa, the older sister of the current emperor, would allegedly have become empress before her brother had she not be given into the service of Sunna as a child. [4]

Magic Use Edit

The following is a quote used to describe the magic use of the wizards of the Empire of Sonnstahl: [6]

"Though Sunna and the other gods of the Sonnstahler pantheon lend power to their servants, the true strength of magic for these humans lies in the teachings of their academies and universities. They lack the mastery of the undead or coatl, with centuries to learn their craft, yet their capacity for specialisation and passing on detailed teachings down the ages has allowed them to rival many an ancient civilisation. Their wizards are academics for the most part, yet capable of bringing their studied talents to bear on a battlefield with devastating effect."

Units Edit

The armies of the Empire of Sonnstahl use a large variety of units, the following are among them. [8]

Characters Edit

  • Marshals
    • Imperial Princes
    • Great Tacticians
  • Knight Commanders
  • Prelates
  • Wizards
  • Inquisitors
  • Artificers

Mounts Edit

  • Horses
  • Pegasi
  • Young Griffons
  • Great Griffons
  • Altars of Battle

Core Edit

  • Heavy Infantry
  • Light Infantry
  • State Militia
  • Electoral Cavalry
    • Knightly Orders

Special Edit

  • Imperial Guard
  • Knights of the Sun Griffon

Imperial Auxiliaries Edit

  • Imperial Rangers
  • Reiters

Imperial Armoury Edit

  • Mortars
  • Volley Guns
  • Imperial Rocketeers
  • Cannons

Sunna's Fury Edit

  • Arcane Engines
  • Flagellants
  • Steam Tanks

Sources Edit

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