The Dead Elves are a faction within the 9th Age game.

Most Dread Elves are part of the nation of Dathen.

Republic of Dathen Edit

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During the Third Age [1], many elves in Vetia left their homes and moved to Silexia. They rejected being subjects to Aldan and formed the Republic of Dathen. [2]

The cities of Rathaen and Caen Dracin are part of Dathen. [3]

FRB Dread Elf

A Dread Elf

The republic is governed by the three Crimson Consuls from the Obsidian Thrones. The consuls embody the will of the Senate, which consist of 99 elected individuals. [2]

Magic Use Edit

The magic used by the Dread Elves has been described as follows: [4]

"The Dread Elves possess the elven affinity for magic almost as strongly as their noble kin. Yet where the Highborn have a focus on the world around them, the true power of magic for the elves of Silexia lies within the mind. Even without magic, they are masters of manipulating emotions, fear most of all.
Augmented with the power of the Immortal Realm, they are able to strike terror into the hearts of a most resolute foe. Their powers also lend weight to their reputation of striking from fog and shadow, disappearing without a trace, save for the stories left behind. More than any of their brethren, they view magic as a military art, an aid in battle."

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