Cibaresh is one of the seven Dark Gods. He is also known as the God of Lust and as The Tempter.

Description Edit

It is said that Cibaresh offer temptations to mortals in an attempt to subvert their morals. [1]

Worship Edit

Some say that Cibaresh often finds his followers among those with the strictest of upbringings, and among deviants and debauched. [1]

Some source claim that the followers of Cibaresh often partake in sexual orgies among themselves and with captives. It is also suggested that these sexual acts can include violence as well, such as skinning of flesh. [2]

The Warriors of the Dark Gods dedicated to Cibaresh are said to wear armour decorated with snarling faces and erotic scenes. They are also said to often wear face masks [3]. [1]

Sources Edit

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