Camillia is a plant that is found in Sagarika. [1]

Description Edit

Camillia produces small white flowers in the spring. [1]

Distribution Edit

Camillia is found in Sagarika.

The Highborn Elves once invested large resources into colonizing Sagarika, partly to secure a source for Camillia. Its trade still accounts for a significant part of their economy. [1]

Uses Edit

Camillia has no apparent use in either medicine or cosine (for humans). [1]

For the elves though it is a different matter. If the leaves are picked at precisely the right moment, through a complex process they can be turned into a beverage that is said to "help them control some of the primal urges of their ancestors". The process involves leaving the leaves to dry, rolling them, fermenting them, roasting them and finally boiling them. [1]

Sources Edit

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