• Shatter the Veil

    Yes, welcome one an all!

    This is long overdue but I'm starting a blog here to share what is going on around this wiki. I'm hoping to do this quite regularly, but we'll see how it goes. For content I'm aiming to cover what I am myself currently working on. I also want to give tips to what others could pick up and work on. There is still many articles missing and a lot of material left untouched, so I welcome each and everyone to take a stab a writing if they feel up to it. Hopefully this list can help guide people to what to do.

    So here it goes.

    On my work schedule:

    • Paths of Magic. I've been working my way through createing pages for all 10 Paths of Magic. A bit tedious but its getting done.
    • Sunna. A long awaited article about this legendary cha…
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