Amryl, the Forest Queen, is an elven deity. She reigns over Wyscan together with Cadaron, the Forest King [1].

Amryl and Cadaron are said to be sustained by a power source in the heart of Wyscan [2]. Amryl supposedly leaves sometimes, to tend to her gardens around the world, only to be lost on the Veil and returning again to Wyscan when summoned [2]. Others claim she returns to the Immortal Realm during winter [3].

Amryl is one of the three Divine Daughters together with Nyb and Meladys. She is the daughter of Yema and Naram. [3]

In her union with Cadaron, Amryl has mothered the twins: [1]

  • Sura, Bringer of Spring
  • Cyma, the Winter Princess

The Sylvan Elves have an artefact named after Amryl, called Glyph of Amryl.

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